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A committed player and a leading player in sustainable finance, Mirova is a conviction-based management company that offers its clients investment solutions combining the search for financial performance with environmental and social impact. This is our raison d'être: to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive economy by increasing our positive impact on environmental issues, but also on reducing inequalities.

As ‘Mission-led company’, thanks to multidisciplinary teams united around the same vision, the variety of our areas of expertise, and our ability to innovate and create partnerships with the best experts, we seek to direct capital towards the needs of investment in a real, sustainable and value-creating economy.

Our internationally recognised BCorp certification attests to our environmental and social commitment.

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December, 2019

The challenge of land degradation Sustainable land use is closely connected with many sustainable development objectives Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN).  It is estimated that two billion hectares of land is degraded worldwide, and we continue to degrade another 12 million hectares of productive land every year. According to the 2018 World Atlas of Desertification produced by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, 75% of the Earth’s land area is already degraded, and over 90% could become degraded by 2050.

Library Resource
Journal Articles & Books
December, 2015

Two billion hectares of productive land are degraded worldwide. This is an area larger than South America or twice the size of China, and 500 million hectares of this is abandoned agricultural land. We continue to degrade another 12 million hectares of productive land every year. We need to break this destructive cycle because the benefits of preventing land degradation and reversing it are far greater than the gains from degrading new land year after year.

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