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P.O Box 894, Morogoro, Tanzania


Morogoro Morogoro

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To promote the livelihoods of Indigenous pastoralists through preservation of their cultural values, utilization of locally available resources and informed participation with consent for their development. To have Indigenous pastoralist community attain sustainable development and have its culture recognized, respected and preserved

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Reports & Research
January, 2016

The report explores the evictions of pastoralists and other conflicts over pastoralists’ land in Tanzania, with focus on the past decade. 

Although most of these evictions and land based conflicts have been documented, the associated human and legal rights violations have increasingly lead to concern amongst civil society. A study was therefore commissioned to collate the available information as well as to visit affected pastoralist communities to assess the current situation faced by pastoralists in the country. 

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The Case of Tanzania

Policy Papers & Briefs
December, 2015

Eviction of Indigenous Peoples from their ancestral lands is one of the most destructive and degrading mitigation strategy performed by modern governments in developing countries to address climate change. Armed police and soldiers are used to forcefully evict indigenous peoples to pave the way for investors and conservation in the name of climate change mitigation.

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