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Community Organizations Shan Human Rights Foundation
Shan Human Rights Foundation
Shan Human Rights Foundation
Non Governmental organization
Non-profit organization
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+66(0)93- 297-7754


Chiang Mai
Chiang Mai
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P.O. Box 201, Prasingh P.O.
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The Shan Human Rights Foundation (SHRF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization which was founded on 6 December 1990 by its late founding Chairman, Khun Kya Oo.

Our Aims:

  • To strive for human rights and restore justice to the victims;
  • To promote democracy in accordance with the desire and will of the people, and establish a popular government based on democratic principles;
  • To strive for unity, equality and cooperation;
  • To strive for world peace, freedom and prosperity.

Our Activities:

  • SHRF monitors the human rights situation in Shan State, focusing on remote conflict-affected areas.  SHRF documents human rights violations, producing updates and reports which are sent to relevant organizations and the media, inside Burma and internationally.   
  • SHRF also carries out research and periodically publishes detailed reports on specific issues related to human rights in Shan State.



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Stop Coal Mining in Nam Ma

Reports & Research
June, 2017

In 2004, Ngwe Yi Pale Company began coal mining in Nam Ma tract of Hsipaw township. The mining has destroyed farmlands and irrigation sources, and caused water and air pollution, mi-pacing over 3,000 people. The Nam Ma villagers have been calling for a stop to the mining since April 1, 2016, but the company has continued expanding the mining area. In May 2016, the Burma Army carried out an attack in the area to clear out the Shan State Progress Party/Shan State Army, and protect the mining operations. Villagers were killed, arrested and beaten.

Land Grabbing and Related Issues and Abuses Continue - SHRF Newsletter, March 2013

Reports & Research
February, 2013

Commentary: Land Grabbing and Related Issues and Abuses Continue...
Contents: Themes & Places of Violations reported in this issue...
Land abandoned under force seized and original owners required to buy them back, in Lai-Kha...
Burmese military let people’s militia groups grow crops on lands long cultivated by local people, in Nam-Zarng...
Situation of land grabbing and related abuses in areas under the influence of a ceasefire group “UWSA”, in Murng-Ton...

[Land grabbing, forced labour and relocation in Shan State] - Shan Human Rights Foundation Monthly Newsletter, August 2012

Reports & Research
July, 2012

Commentary: Why people still flee Shan State and seek refuge in other countries...
Contents: Themes & Places of Violations reported in this issue...
Situation of people fleeing their native places in Kae-See...
Land confiscation and mining project causing people to flee, in Murng-Su...
Military operation, forced labour and extortion, causing people to flee, in Murng-Kerng...
Continuing forced labour, forced recuruitment and extortion causing people to flee, in Lai-Kha...
Forced recruitment causing people to flee, in Kung-Hing

Land grabbing [in Shan State] - Shan Human Rights Foundation Monthly Newsletter, March 2012

Reports & Research
February, 2012

Commentary: Land Confiscation...
Situation of land confiscation in Nam-Zarng and Kun-Hing...
Land confiscated, villagers house destroyed, in Nam-Zarng...
Cultivated land confiscated in Nam-Zarng...
Farmlands and cemetery ground confiscated in Nam-Zarng...
Lands confiscated, forced labour used, to build new military bases and an airstrip, in Kun-Hing...
Confiscation of land with regard to mining projects...
Land Confiscation due to coal mining concession in Murng-Sart...