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December, 2003

In the light of the global discussion on

reducing public and private expenditure on

cadastral processes and services, this

article reviews the transaction costs of

land registration, based on data gathered in

Namibia. The data show a large

differentiation in the types of costs

incurred in the process, as well as various

levels of cost recovery. In addition, the

degree to which delays in the operational

registration processes influence the total

cost to land developers and landowners is


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February, 0200

The recent spate of violence mostly in north-central and southern Nigeria, typically credited to conflicts between herders and farmers, and the reactions, narratives, and representations that have attended them, calls for an examination of core security questions: who or what is to be secured, from what threat and by what means. In fact, it could be further contextualized as: how is the conflict between farmers and herders constructed, framed, and represented as (in)security within the Nigerian context?

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