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UNIDROIT is an intergovernmental, Rome-based organisation specialising in the harmonisa­tion and modernisation of private law rules at the global level, through international treaties and soft law instruments in several areas. UNIDROIT has earned widespread recognition for its activities in the area of contract law, in particular with the UNIDROIT Principles of International Commercial Contracts. In partnership with FAO and IFAD, UNIDROIT prepared a Legal Guide on Contract Farming, released in 2015, which intends to promote good practices between farmers and buyers of agricultural commodities by enhancing knowledge and awareness of the legal regime applicable to contract farming operations.

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Library Resource
Legal Guide on Agricultural Land Investment Contracts
Manuals & Guidelines
September, 2021

Investment in agriculture is essential for sustainable development, in particular for achieving food security, adequate nutrition, decent employment, poverty reduction and environmental protection. In seeking to attract agricultural investment, many governments and local communities have entered into Agricultural Land Investment Contracts (ALIC).

Library Resource
Manuals & Guidelines
March, 2015

This guide provides guidance for producers, governments, legal advisors and civil society on contract farming arrangements, from negotiation to conclusion, including performance and possible breach or termination of the contract. It gives a description of common contract terms and a discussion of legal issues and critical problems that may arise under various practical situations, illustrating how they may be treated under different legal systems.

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