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Established by the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations (UN) in 1958 as one of the UN's five regional commissions, ECA's mandate is to promote the economic and social development of its member States, foster intra-regional integration, and promote international cooperation for Africa's development.

Made up of 54 member States, and playing a dual role as a regional arm of the UN and as a key component of the African institutional landscape, ECA is well positioned to make unique contributions to address the Continent’s development challenges.

ECA’s thematic areas of focus are as follows:

  • Macroeconomic Policy
  • Regional Integration and Trade
  • Social Development
  • Natural Resources
  • Innovation and Technology
  • Gender
  • Governance

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Library Resource
November, 2021

Writers have guest-edited an African Studies Review forum on Understanding Land Deals in Limbo in Africa which examines the contentious politics of incomplete land grabs in Senegal;Tanzania and Zambia. These studies show that even when land deals are cancelled;stalled;downsized;transferred to new owners;or stay dormant and speculative for many years;they can still produce far-reaching consequences that often go unnoticed. The complex interplay of land governance;local political dynamics and capital’s own contradictions can push land deals in different and unexpected directions.

Library Resource
Reports & Research
June, 2021
Africa, Americas, Asia, Europe, Oceania

Au Burkina Faso, le secteur agro-industriel, qui s’occupe essentiellement de la transformation des produits de l’agriculture, de l’élevage et de la pêche, est largement dominé par une main-d’œuvre féminine, contrairement aux autres secteurs de l’économie plutôt intensifs en travail masculin. Dans le Plan National de Développement Economique et Social (PNDES), les autorités entendent accorder plus de soutien à ce secteur en termes d’investissements, afin de lui permettre de se développer et d’assurer un processus de transformation structurelle de l’économie nationale.

Library Resource
Reports & Research
May, 2019


Library Resource
Conference Papers & Reports
December, 2018

The African Land Policy Centre (ALPC) has put in place a number of mechanisms for land policy development and implementation including establishing or reinforcing existing platforms, generating knowledge and developing capacity. One of centre’s objectives is to contribute to knowledge generation, dissemination and management in order to enhance the evidence base for land policy development and implementation. This objective is being achieved through research, publications, and knowledge sharing and learning forums.

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