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Session organizers of the 2021 LANDac Conference pitch you their sessions.
Watch the videos and reserve your seat for the parallel sessions through the conference dashboard.


Parallel Sessions I

Ground Up Land Governance Experiences


How can Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) help sustain land governance solutions?


Working in Crisis Mode: Lessons from land governance interventions


Parallel Sessions II

 How Community & Women’s Land Rights Relate to Climate & COVID Vulnerability & Resilience

Critical Insights on the LandGovernance Orthodoxy

The Politics of Crisis Framing


Developmental Impact of Land Based Investments in Times of Crisis 1430-1545 CEST


Parallel Sessions III

Solid Ground: Applying lessons from an advocacy campaign in context of a global pandemic

Developmental Impact of Land-Based Investments in Times of Crisis


Developmental Impact of Land-Based Investments in Times of Crisis


Parallel Sessions IV

Perspectives on Pastoralism Film Festival

Uneven Ground: The land inequality crisis, in midst of our planet’s broader inequalities


Parallel Sessions V

Re-imagining our Future: Building back better through progressive land policies & practices

Building Land Governance Resilience with Open & Transparent Land Data Systems

Who Benefits? Inclusive governance and equitable benefit sharing in community forestry


Community Voices


Stephane Gil of PRINDEX on why he's joining LANDac Conference 2021


Bewaji Adeyinka from Nigeria on the LANDac Conference 2021



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LANDac Conference 2021
30 June 2021

The LANDac Annual International Conference offers a podium for knowledge exchange between researchers, practitioners and private sector representatives interested in land governance for equitable and sustainable development

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