Natural Resources Institute (NRI) | Land Portal

The Natural Resources Institute (NRI) of the University of Greenwich, UK, is a specialist research, development and education organisation focused on food, agriculture, environment, and sustainable livelihoods. NRI takes an interdisciplinary approach to respond to complex, interrelated, global challenges by devising sustainable solutions and undertakes teaching, training, consultancy and advisory work to address challenges faced by farmers, rural communities, developing countries, policy makers, governments, businesses, industry and consumers  in local to global food systems and natural resources governance. Through LEGEND, NRI has worked to address land tenure and land use governance as a cross cutting critical issue by: working closely with other consortium members to provide overall leadership of the technical delivery team; working with LEGEND’s global partners; contributing to knowledge products; developing the LEGEND challenge fund and promoting learning amongst grantees and stakeholders at country levels and disseminating the results and lessons learned in collaboration with the Land Portal.    


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