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TMP Systems is a network that solves complex environmental and social problems, working through cooperative agreements among three specialised organizations (TMP Public, TMP Private and TMP Climate). Their expertise lies in finance, technology and political economy and their work spans developed and developing countries on six continents. TMP has been working with the LEGEND program from its inception with a focus on improving tenure risk assessment and management. More specifically, as a member of DFID’s LEGEND program, TMP Systems has created the following suite of tools: 

  • Landscope and Tenure Risk Tool: Landscope is a geospatial system for assessing tenure risk. It uses high quality geospatial data on social, environmental and political conditions to deliver a rapid analysis of tenure risk in any location around the world at a subnational, highly localised level of granularity. It helps companies and investors to screen new assets, supply chains or portfolios and to implement more strategic environmental, social and governance due diligence and impact monitoring processes. It has been integrated with ODI and TMP's Tenure Risk Tool (TRT) to improve the quality of valuations and cash flow modelling.
  • Social License Platform: Created in collaboration with Landesa, the Social License Platform is a web-based service that helps companies and investors find local providers of community engagement and environmental services. These services help businesses to implement smarter and more successful land-based projects and investments while also delivering better outcomes for local people. "Service providers" could be NGO, academics or other experts who are trusted by local people and who generally do not work with the private sector. The SLP removed the barriers to these groups working successfully with businesses. 
  • Farmer Management Modules: The Farmer Management Modules are a highly flexible toolset for field monitoring and management for growers’ organisations. Farmers use Android-based smart devices to collect and assess data on four areas that are central to productivity and sustainability: (1) pests and disease, (2) inputs, (3) mapping, and (4) identification. The Modules consist of survey templates and guidance on implementation and are accompanied by training materials designed for farmers in emerging markets. They deliver cross-cutting skills like land mapping and good governance which, alongside better supply chain relationships, help farmers to improve their tenure security.  

These initiatives are designed to support each other and help companies and investors through the project lifecycle: Landscope helps to assess tenure risk and organize a response; the SLP helps to implement that response in a tailored, cost-effective and repeatable manner; and the farmer management modules provide the infrastrcuture to measure and manage the commercial, social and environmental performance of a project or its closure.


TMP Systems is a boutique consultancy based in the United Kingdom, with staff in the United States and the Philippines. Our work spans asset management, commercial investment systems design in carbon, energy and land use and environmental, social and governance diligence.

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