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Community / Land projects / Acting Now for Food Security and Resilient Food Systems

Acting Now for Food Security and Resilient Food Systems


12/22 - 12/25


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Africa is currently facing severe food insecurity, with low agricultural productivity being one of the root causes. Factors such as limited access to quality inputs, inadequate extension services, lack of finance, and post-harvest handling issues contribute to low agricultural productivity. Food insecurity is exacerbated by economic, political and demographic shocks, including the war in Ukraine, which has caused rising food and energy prices and lower yields in 2022. Climate change further intensifies food insecurity, with extreme weather events such as droughts and floods impacting crop and livestock production and access to markets. Conflict and insecurity are also major drivers of acute food security issues, leading to population displacement and disrupted livelihoods, depriving people of income sources. Action is needed to relieve acute food insecurity, whilst at the same time structurally transforming food systems. Farmers’ Organisations and its member farmers play a critical role in obtaining this, as they contribute not only to food production, but also to sustained economic growth and climate change mitigation. The Acting Now for Food Security and Resilient Food Systems programme, with funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (specifically IGG), builds upon its existing strategic partnership with DDE by reinforcing and expanding its efforts on food security, contributing to a more measurable impact on SGD 2 (Zero Hunger). It contributes to improved food and nutrition security (FNS) at the individual farmer level and fosters systemic change in the food system through a total of 82 Farmer Organisations in Burkina Faso, DR Congo, Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Rwanda. As per Agriterra’s core business, Acting Now will work with and through Farmers’ Organisations and cooperatives to build resilient food systems and to make a sustainable change in the lives of smallholder farmers and their communities. Key Activities Acting Now aims to boost productivity, improving incomes and sustainable land management practices through the following key activities: - Trainings and peer-to-peer activities on FNS related topics, such as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP), Regenerative Agriculture, productivity increase at specific value chains and production of compost and bio-inputs. - Establishment of demo plots to promote and train farmers on new or improved farming practices and technologies. - Offering sustainable services through a tailored approach per country that ensures access to seeds, fertilisers, planting material, agri-inputs and extension services. - Strengthening extension services by co-financing the salary of extension officers and agronomists at the FO through Agriterra’s Jobs Jobs Jobs approach - Co-financing investments and innovations to boost agricultural productivity and food security.


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Farmers' Organisations and its member farmers

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