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Agricultural Registry for Wine and Vine


10/17 - 12/21


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(Moldova): The wine industry plays a key role in Moldova's economy, and two recent Russian wine embargos have highlighted the leverage Moscow continues to exercise over Moldova's government and economy. Promoting greater efficiency and more diverse exports in Moldova's wine industry lessens the country's dependence on Russia as an export destination and builds Moldovan economic capacity. This activity seeks to establish a fully functional Moldovan wine and vine registry to provide a reliable traceability database for grape growers and wine producers. This system consists of a secure computerized database housing land ownership, farmer, grape variety, field size, and yield data. The database will be available to government, farmer associations, and private sector organizations, so that verifiable origin requirements can meet international export market requirements. Increased access to more lucrative international markets will result in higher prices for grapes and will result in higher incomes for all segments of the industry. This activity represents a collaboration between Moldova's Ministry of Agriculture, Regional Development and Environment, and the National Office of Vine and Wine. This project supports the JRS Goal 2, Strengthen and Balance the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Relationship, and sub-goal 2.2 Promote market oriented economic and governance reforms, including through education, to create economic growth and reduce vulnerability to economic coercion. It also supports CAATSA goal 8 (40 percent). ..

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