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Community / Land projects / Boma-Badingilo Landscape Conservation

Boma-Badingilo Landscape Conservation


10/18 - 09/21


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(South Sudan): .FY 2020 biodiversity funds for the Conservation of Boma-Badingilo landscape builds the foundation for conservation, anti-trafficking of wildlife, land and natural resource management, conflict mitigation, and security and livelihood activities to enhance economic resilience within the landscape. FY 2020 funds will develop small-scale, economic opportunities for communities living in the protected areas, which can replace current unsustainable economic practices that destroy South Sudan's wildlife and natural resources. Through technical assistance, this project will strengthen the capacity of natural resource management organizations and traditional authority figures in targeted communities to protect wildlife and forests from the threats of gas, oil, and mineral extraction. Funds will also combat illegal poaching and trafficking of wildlife by supporting the development of conservation and management plans for high biodiversity areas...Anticipated results include: .Prevention of local poaching and regional trafficking in wildlife and wildlife products;Strengthened capacities of local authorities and community groups in sustainable land-use planning, natural resource management, and conservation;Improved conservation and natural resource management capacities of wildlife rangers, community groups, and traditional authorities to effectively conserve biodiversity;Conflict reduction, creating opportunities for local communities to engage in economic activities;Improved security in the protected area and corridor management conserving the great wildlife migrations, biodiversity, and vast savannah, wetlands, and forests of the landscapeImproved governance and natural resource management practices throughout the landscape; andThe Wildlife Conservation Society, which implemented similar biodiversity activities in this location for years, is uniquely placed to tackle the issues of this biodiversity context.

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