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Community / Land projects / Business Action and Advocacy for the Planet

Business Action and Advocacy for the Planet


08/22 - 08/22


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Towards a nature positive world by 2030 through businesses driving policy ambition and reducing negative corporate impact


Note: Disbursement data provided is cumulative and covers disbursement made by the project Agency.

Target Groups

This project will contribute indirectly to socioeconomic co-benefits at national level in the four key geographies South Africa, India, Colombia and Malaysia, including sustainable livelihoods and economic growth through the innovative, circular solutions delivered by partner businesses which support biodiversity conservation and preserves and restores ecosystem services, as they become increasingly aware of their impacts and dependencies on nature and move towards implementing business-related targets of the CBD Post-2020 GBF. The 7,306 people who are expected to benefit directly from project activities and knowledge products will be equipped with much needed skills to transform business practices and models for nature and climate positivity, increasing their chances for sustained employment. Not only will they benefit individually, but the beneficiaries will also spark continued change by applying acquired knowledge disseminated through the project in different corporate environments, stimulating climate and nature positive business change in a variety of regions and sectors. The more knowledgeable a company’s workforce and management about their operations and supply chains impacts on nature and dependencies on ecosystem services, the higher the chances that they take sufficient and timely action to address their contributions to biodiversity loss, land degradation and climate change. In this way, improved knowledge of the corporate workforce is expected to translate into achieving the global environment benefits of biodiversity conservation, reversing land use change and habitat fragmentation, and mitigating GHG emissions to curtail climate change. Next to stimulating change in the four countries, knowledge products are also expected to increase the awareness and understanding of corporate actors globally, who then in turn are better informed to take action on nature and climate. Moreover, the project’s efforts to assist companies and governments to formulate an enabling policy environment that incentivizes sustainable business models, will contribute to sustaining ecosystem services on which human health depends. In other words, economic activities will shift to stay within planetary boundaries (leveraging on the Global Commons Alliance) and thus keeping health and wellbeing at the center of ambitions, in line with the healthy people, healthy planet concept. Finally, the project interventions will also lead to women empowerment at multiple levels, through a focus on women leadership enhancement in the corporate sector.

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