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03/18 - 08/19


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CCI#s Strengthening Women#s Land Rights and access to resources (STWELARR) project intends to contribute to increased access to land ownership by women and address land induced violence and abuse against women in Lango Sub-region. It will focus on the following objectives: 1. Increase community knowledge on women rights to Land and resources at local and different levels; 2. Enhance the capacity of stakeholders and different leaders at local and district level to support women#s rights to land. 3. To support the amplification of women#s voice on land at different forum. The project will be focusing on supporting women to have a space and voice and will work in Lira District in Lango sub-region. It is estimated to cost Euro 25,000. The project will take 18 months which is one and half years and is expected to reach out to more than 8,000 people through different platforms, where Over 10,000 community members sensitized over radio and respecting women#s right to land and resources.

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