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Community / Land projects / CP People's Landscape Approach Nepal

CP People's Landscape Approach Nepal


04/22 - 03/24


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Oxfam in Nepal will be the overall coordinator: fund management in Nepal; sub-granting to partners according to joint planning; contribution with knowledge of various aspects of a landscape approach (participative water management, Agro-biodiversity, disaster risk reduction, Women’s Economic Empowerment) and on engagement of other actors like governments and private sector. Four local partners (CSRC, ICIMOD, LI-BIRD and NEEDS) will implement the project in Nepal. CSRC: Contribution on land rights of landless and land-poorfamilies, disaster risk reduction, risk sensitive land use planning, participatory landuse mapping, engagement with local authorities, advocacy and campaigning based on action research, link to Land rigths’ Forum. ICIMOD: research andknowledge generation on and network in relation to (transboundary) Landscape Approach in the region; cooperation with national governments; diversification of livelihoods, ecosystem services (like REDD+), agro-biodiversity, policy influencing, LI-BIRD: engagement with local institutions, governments and private sector actors; knowledge on agro-biodiversity and agro-ecological production; diversification of livelihoods; payment for ecosystem services; NEEDS: contribution on water governance, women’s economic empowerment, advocacy and engagement with local authorities and private sector actors.

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