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Community / Land projects / Improving pastoralist girls'' educational aspirations and attainment (Tanzania)

Improving pastoralist girls'' educational aspirations and attainment (Tanzania)


01/13 - 05/18


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Pastoralist communities in Tanzania are amongst the most marginalised in the country, and face widespread discrimination because their land management system is not recognised as viable by the government. Primary education is compulsory in the country, but pastoralists, especially girls, have little access to quality education. 95% of girls attend primary school nationally, but only 44% of girls are in primary school in the Ngorogoro district of Tanzania. Girls' enrolment is lower than boys, drop-out rates higher and they do not perform as well academically. Education quality is poor, many children are not taught by qualified teachers. There are few female role models that equip girls to face the challenge of staying in school and thriving there. This application is part of a wider education programme that aims to increase enrolment, retention and performance of pastoralist girls in school. By project end, there will be more girls attending school than ever before, affecting the lives of 6,455 girls.

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