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Community / Land projects / Infrastructure and Cities for Economic Development

Infrastructure and Cities for Economic Development


03/16 - 03/16


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DFID-funded Infrastructure and Cities for Economic Development (ICED) is a catalytic facility designed to accelerate DFID’s infrastructure and cities initiatives across the world to contribute to poverty reduction and inclusive economic growth. ICED will establish a facility to provide support to DFID country offices to develop new, and improve existing, infrastructure enabling environment and city economic development programming.


1. Improve the enabling environment for sustainable, inclusive growth-enhancing infrastructure service delivery; and, 2. Harness the benefits of cities for sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction. An enabling environment for infrastructure service delivery at national level • Sound legal and regulatory framework • Investment planned on the basis of economic returns and environmental forecasting • Well-managed procurement, construction and maintenance An enabling environment for urban infrastructure service delivery Urban infrastructure that is well-planned, delivered and financed. Increases cities’ connectivity and productivity. Promotes low carbon, climate resilient development. Cities that drive economic development, e.g.: • Well-functioning urban land markets • Effective city-level governance • An enabling environment for urban businesses • Security for urban dwellers

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