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Land Governance Program


06/13 - 06/14


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The Land Governance program is a research formulating policy recommendations, in particular in relation to the revision of the Law on Land, in relation to pro-poor land consolidation in Vietnam. It will analyze and evaluate the various processes and forms throughwhich land consolidation is happening. In this, it will consider the perspectives of poor people and communities and highlight the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders (including private sector). The research will consider : - The respect of people's land rights - The optimal use of the capabilities of people - The realization of improved livelihoods and expanded choices and the respect for due process. The research aims to highlight how poor and vulnerable farmers can be harmed and benefit from the land consolidation. Through a series of case studies, highlighting both bad and good practices, and a critical review of existing pilots and relevant policies, the research will formulate proposals on how to guarantee procedural justice and developmental outcomes of landconsolidation. Output The output of this research will include (a) a research report and (b) a policy brief to support advocacy. The case study research reports presenting the full analysis, including conclusions and policy recommendations (for government, farmers, private sector and civil society). (25 pages for each case study) The synthesize research report of all the case studies (30 pages) The policy brief will target policy makers involved in the revision of the Law on Land. (15 pages) IPSARD, VCCI, Vietnam Farmer Union, one LNGO and Oxfam branded. Country and location: Vietnam - four provinces of An Giang, Lam Dong, Thanh Hoa and Son La provinces Target group: landholders and landless farmer

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