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MSB Somalia Programme


10/14 - 01/19


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MSB's Somalia programme for the period October 2014-September 2015 has three components: 1) Secondment of an Aid Coordinator to Somalia's Ministry of Finance; 2) Secondment of three experts to UNMAS; and 3) Secondment of a Humanitarian Aid Coordinator to the Informal Humanitarian Donor Group. The intervention has been requested by the embassy and the programme has been developed with a terms of reference from the embassy as a basis. Initially there was another component, regarding temporary offices to the Ministry of Health, included in the programme. Since it was recently discovered that there was uncertainties regarding the land ownership of the suggested construction site together with IDPs living there and comments by the embassy's Quality Assurance Committee regarding sustainability and ownership, it was decided that this component should not be implemented for the time being. The dialogue with the Ministry of Health continues and support might be provided through another implementing partner. This change implies that the risk profile of the programme is significantly reduced.


The programme had three overall objectives:1) UNMAS: To enhance FGS capacity to mitigate explosive threats and improve weapons, ammunition and explosive management capacity. 2) Ministry of Finance: To increase MoF institutional capacity, functionality and efficiency to better serve as a coordinator and recipient of donor and tax revenues to the benefit and needs of the Somali people, with a particular focus on women and girls. 3) Humanitarian Aid Coordinator: To improve the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian action in Somalia in its capacity of benefit and needs of the Somali people, with a particular focus on women and girls.

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