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Community / Land projects / NGO Forum on Cambodia 2012-2014

NGO Forum on Cambodia 2012-2014


01/13 - 12/14


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NGO Forum’s vision is that well-informed citizens and civil society organisations in Cambodia positively influence pro-poor, equitable and sustainable development, supported by a transparent and accountable government. As its mission it sees to coordinate and resource members and networks of NGOs in engaging in policy dialogue, debate and advocacy with and for poor and vulnerable people in Cambodia. NGO Forum’s overall goal is to ensure that citizens and civil society organisations are well-equipped to contribute and influence policy making and implementation processes for the benefit of poor and vulnerable people of Cambodia. It focuses on four areas of work: 1. Development issues: multi-sectoral development policies, budget monitoring, aid-effectiveness, trade and economic development; 2. Environmental issues: hydropower, climate change, agricultural policies, REDD 3. Land and Livelihood Issues: land tenure, resettlement of project-affected people, forestry livelihoods 4. Research and information centre: in the past focussing on land issues, but broadening up to include other topics and sectors also. Next to this it has a core programme in which it indicates that the NGOF is well known as a good practice and professional advocacy organization through sound representation, governance, management and administration and which effectively functions as a representation of its members ensuring gender mainstreaming into all projects. With regard to gender mainstreaming, gender considerations are informed to all cycle of NGO Forum activity implementation. Below are the key activities that focus to promote gender in livelihood, leadership, political and economic issues. The NGO-forum works through 3-year strategic plans in which each of the areas of work has its own objectives and outcomes worked out in a smart logframe. The present plan is for the period 2012 – 2014 and was preceded by an extensive external evaluation and a strategic planning process. The first year of program implementation will be funded through joint Oxfam support. Oxfam Novib for the first year will contibute US 100,000 earmarked to support the land and livelihoods programme of the NGO Forum. OGB will give USD 15,000 to support whole action program in basket fund with other donors and OAU will provide USD 12,000 for year 2012 earmarked for community rights onhydropower development.

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