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Community / Land projects / Scaling Up Sustainable Soy (SUSS) Partnership

Scaling Up Sustainable Soy (SUSS) Partnership


09/22 - 12/25


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The project will achieve its objective through the realization of three outcomes related to desirable behavioral change by relevant soy supply chain actors under three headlines, namely: a) production, b) protection/conservation, and c) social inclusion/improved livelihoods. The project’s ToC suggests that: if producers in the Cerrado landscape are adequately incentivized and adopt responsible soy production; and if financial institutions, policy makers and downstream actors support conservation of the Cerrado; and if IPLCs in the Cerrado included through active engagement in improved livelihood opportunities and advocacy for rights (including land tenure); then responsible, deforestation and conversion-free soy production will be mainstreamed across the Cerrado, resulting in reduced deforestation and conversion of native vegetation and fewer human rights violations associated with - but not limited to - the Danish soy supply chain.


To reduce deforestation associated with the Danish soy supply chain (i.e. ensuring that soy imported to and consumed in Denmark is produced sustainably without causing deforestation that damages climate, biodiversity and ecosystems, and inclusion and rights).

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