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Community / Land projects / Strengthening Proximity Justice in Rwanda (SPJR)

Strengthening Proximity Justice in Rwanda (SPJR)


08/15 - 12/18


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The aim of the programme is through the work of RCN Justice et Democratie to enable citizen participation in proximity justice; facilitate constructive dialogue and raise awareness about the rights and duties of the population, the law and the functioning of proximity justice; seek to safeguard the rights of vulnerable and marginalized groups in particular women’s access to justice and participation in decision making; promote the role of civil society and reinforce the capacity of CSOs to fulfil their mandate; provide support to local authorities to enable them to discharge their duties, including capacity building, knowledge transfer, coaching and materials; conduct and disseminate original research and engage decision makers with evidence-based advocacy; and support exchanges at local and national level between proximity justice and civil society actors.

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