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Community / Land projects / Systematically securing land ownership for smallholder farmers

Systematically securing land ownership for smallholder farmers


12/22 - 12/24


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The partners are currently engaged in an initiative called the Cote d’Ivoire Land Partnership (“CLAP”). CLAP is an innovative partnership between private companies, government and civil society to achieve tenure security for smallholder cocoa farmers in private sector supply chains launched in 2019. The FVO funded project enables the partnership to pilot a systematic titling approach, wherein all members of a community that CLAP targets are able to obtain land tenure documentation, whether they are in- or outside of the direct supply chains of the private companies. The project focusses on land tenure, as this is a central component to tackling: ? Environment: Deforestation is prevalent among farmers with tenure insecurity, as they see deforestation as a means to spread their risk in case of dispossession or productivity loss. Land tenure also provides the required traceability to confirm and promote a deforestation-free supply chain. Lastly, land documentation provides both farmers and supply chain partners (companies) with the security to make investments in the land, e.g. for replanting and sustainable agroforestry. ? Human Rights violations – Forced dispossessions are still common and can arise from disputes and power plays from large agricultural players that expand their land, but also within families (e.g. after spousal death) and in Land Owner<>Land User arrangements. Land documentation ensures long-term stability and legal rights to land ownership and land usage, protecting each party’s rights.

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