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Community / Land projects / Tenure Facility 2023-2025

Tenure Facility 2023-2025


01/23 - 12/25


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Core funding to the Tenure Facility. The Tenure Facility supports projects in low- and medium-income countries by facilitating the implementation and improvement of government policies that strengthen IPLC land and forest rights and gender equality in collective land rights, both directly and by providing tools and approaches and influencing other funders, government agencies, NGOs, private companies, and practitioners. The Tenure Facility places IPLC at the heart of the projects it funds with the principal aim of improving their rights over forests and lands in tropical forest countries. Where IPLC have secure tenure and better capacity to govern their territories and administer their resources there is reduced deforestation, better forest cover, and lower carbon emissions and biodiversity loss. The Tenure Facility also contributes to the design and implementation of policies for sustainable forest and land use in tropical forest countries and jurisdictions and the transparency and accountability of entities with land governance responsibilities (including IPLC organisations and their government agency partners). It strengthens these entities’ capacity for supervision, oversight, and surveillance, and increases the clarity and coherence of the regulatory functions and responsibilities of the various parties. Main countries for support are Colombia, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Ecuador, Guyana, Indonesia, Liberia og Peru.

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