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Community / Land projects / VCCI-507859-Capacity Building

VCCI-507859-Capacity Building


06/22 - 12/23


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The programme will empower precarious workers in the highly informal agri-food sector - mostly micro, small and medium enterprises - in 3 ASEAN member-states (Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam) with the aim of addressing their rights, needs and vulnerabilities through the promotion of three pillars of the JSF Decent Work: labour rights at work, social protection and social dialogue for all. Climate change impacts, economic insecurity and occupational safety and health of these workers will be addressed by more adequate and shock-responsive social protection measures. Labour law enforcement will be enhanced to upgrade their livelihoods. In this project, VCCI will provide technical assistance to companies in rice and shrimp sectors to increase their understandingand awareness of labor and social protection issues and other sustainable standards. VCCI will take lead in building capacity for SMEs and ensure their compliance with national and international regulations and laws on labors, social protection issues. VCCI will play an important role in establishing and supporting Multi-stakeholders Initiatives to contribute to policy and advocacy processs.

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