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Community / Land projects / The World Bank, Donor Funded Staffing Program, DFSP

The World Bank, Donor Funded Staffing Program, DFSP


01/23 - 12/23


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The primary objective of the World Bank?s Donor Funded Staffing Program (DFSP) is to increase Finland?s influence in the World Bank by promoting the placement of Finnish experts in the World Bank. In addition to Finland, the DFSP is funded by a total of 18 countries. The financing agreement between Finland and the World Bank was signed 30 June 2004. Finland has funded the programme by approximately EUR 12 million. In 2004-2021, the World Bank employed 24 Finnish mid-career level experts (12 women and 12 men). Finnish experts have worked in the gender, human rights, forest, land use, environment, disability and education sectors. The DFSP is an effective tool for exerting influence, making it possible to incorporate Finnish expertise into the World Bank. The World Bank is a highly valued organization and global development policy knowledge hub, and the ministry and the relevant sector can make use of the work experience and contacts provided through DFSP placements in the World Bank. The mid-career level expert will initially work for two years at the World Bank, which can be extended by one year if the World Bank commits to paying for the next two years. The term of the expert will thus be 2-5 years in total. According to feedback from the World Bank, Finnish experts are highly esteemed, which demonstrates that many of them have been transferred to the World Bank?s payroll.

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