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27 Agosto 2018

Local Gov’t, Amendment to Constitution, Alien and Nationality Bills Soon?

Following years of open hearings, debates, committee reports, and conference committee work, the Senate at its 54th day sitting last Thursday, unanimously voted to concur with the House of Representatives on passage of the Land Rights Act.

A pillar demarcating land encroached upon with impunity (© CENTAL)
3 Agosto 2018

Liberians displaced by the civil war are gradually returning home, filled with dreams of rebuilding their shattered country. Many have invested their savings in land, upon which they plan to construct new homes and businesses, only to discover that rampant corruption has been allowed to fester within the land administration system.

20 Junho 2018

"Laws on marriage, divorces, property rights, child custody and land ownership all contain powerful clauses that marginalise our women in favour of men"

NAIROBI, June 20 - A promise by Liberian President George Weah to change laws that discriminate against women is spurring campaigners to push for legal reform to protect wives' land rights.

31 Maio 2018

The Liberia Law Society has been conducting series of training workshops in Nimba County on the newly adopted Land Rights Act and the Inheritance Law.

Since the enactment of the law, most citizens are yet to know the details, because there has been no interpretation or consultation from lawmakers, before the enactment.

7 Maio 2018

NAIROBI - Chiefs across Liberia are petitioning lawmakers while activists prepare for a sit-in protest in the nation's capital as they push to secure ancestral land rights, regarded as key to averting renewed bloodshed in the resource-rich country.

Palm oil production
4 Maio 2018

By Mary Hodgett (TIMBY)

In Liberia, two small communities are fighting to protect their homes, and land rights against a powerful wave of environmentally destructive industries.

Catholic Church: Land Rights Bill Crucial in Keeping the Peace
17 Abril 2018

Monrovia - Catholic Bishops Conference of Liberia (CABICOL) has said that the Land Rights Bill is crucial and should properly be reviewed before it is passed into law.

CABICOL said the bill must protect the rights of women and youth to own, manage and transfer land; contain accountable safeguard for community land ownership.

27 Fevereiro 2018

Monrovia – The race for land ownership is one of big issues in Liberia that has been engulfed with multiplicity of problems ranging from insecure land tenure forms and rights; lack of land use database for state, private, and customary lands; weak land administration and management; inadequate concession practices and protective mechanisms to prevent “land-grabbing” amongst oth

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