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FPDA partners with SHP to grow potato
20 Maio 2020
Papua-Nova Guiné

The Fresh Produce Development Agency has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Southern Highlands Provincial Government to collaborate and promote agriculture in Southern Highlands Province.

18 Maio 2020
Papua-Nova Guiné

Port Moresby’s suburban jumble that is Taurama Valley has been condemned as a failure and a disaster by city Governor Powes Parkop.

8 Maio 2020
Papua-Nova Guiné

A Twenty-hectare plot of land in Erap has been allocated by the Division of Agriculture and Livestock to address Covid-19 food security through partnerships with other stakeholders.

29 Abril 2020
Papua-Nova Guiné

A National Court proceeding  led by a landowner group from Porgera mine in Enga province to claim environment damages against Barrick Niugini Limited will return to court in July this year for further direction.

How PNG lost US$120 million and the future of deep-sea mining
28 Abril 2020
Papua-Nova Guiné

In January this year, the managing director of Papua New Guinea’s Mineral Resources Authority declared that the proposal to develop what had once been touted as the world’s first deep-sea mine would ‘not get off the ground’.

8 Abril 2020
Papua-Nova Guiné

CENTRAL Governor Robert Agarobe is advising villagers to use the state of emergency period to farm their land.
Agarobe called on villagers to concentrate on farming instead of travelling to town to buy sugar and rice which was also putting themselves at risk of being infected by the coronavirus.

23 Março 2020
Papua-Nova Guiné

IMPROVING agricultural processes and supporting small holder growers is only part of the puzzle as buyers and private sector support are critical, the World Bank says.

25 Fevereiro 2020
Papua-Nova Guiné

Channon Lumpoo, 27, was shot as he conducted exploration activities for a new gold mine in the region

A Thai geologist working at a new gold mine in Bougainville has been shot dead in the second killing at a mining project in the autonomous region of Papua New Guinea in recent months.

7 Janeiro 2020
Papua-Nova Guiné

In the Global South, climate change-induced resettlement requires a holistic and integrated approach, involving all stakeholders—state institutions, local customary and civil society institutions—and in particular 

deep sea mining
15 Setembro 2019
Papua-Nova Guiné

Papua New Guinea out of pocket $157m from failed attempt at mining material from deep-sea vents as opponents point to environmental risk

The “total failure” of PNG’s controversial deep sea mining project Solwara 1 has spurred calls for a Pacific-wide moratorium on seabed mining for a decade.

Case 2.1 – Special Agricultural Business Lease (SABL)
7 Janeiro 2019
Papua-Nova Guiné

On July 21, 2011 the then Acting Prime Minister Sam Abal announced the establishment of a Commission of Inquiry to investigate 77 land leases which were issued under the Somare government’s Special Agriculture & Business Leases (SABL).

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