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kampala land administration
18 Janeiro 2019

Kampala, Uganda | THE INDEPENDENT |  The Acting Kampala Capital City Executive Director, Eng Andrew Kitaka has said over 20,000 land titles in Kampala have not been digitalised in the Land Information System.

9 Janeiro 2019

In Uganda, there were at least 17 “land grabs” since 2000 with contracts totaling 74,831 hectares of land, according to Land Matrix data

A new report has linked land grabbing to worsening climate change, calling on governments to secure community land rights to protect the world’s natural resources such as “forests” that mitigate effects of climate change.

16 Dezembro 2018
África Oriental

Uganda’s land is demarcated into Mailo, Freehold, Leasehold and Customary occupancy, which some consider an irrational land system. Over the years, this tenure has gone through a metamorphosis of traditional, colonial and post-independence vicissitudes; the latter of the three periods, has been tumultuous.

27 Outubro 2018

KAMPALA. Former presidential candidate Dr Kizza Beisgye has vowed to continue the fight against land grabbers in the country until he wins the battle.

Dr Besigye was addressing residents of Lusanja in Wakiso District who were evicted by a tycoon known as Kiconco Medard on October 12.

19 Outubro 2018

The Responsible Land Policy project (RELAPU) is being implemented in the two districts

Land conflicts are expected to reduce in Teso sub region after the German government and the Lands Ministry has come in to resolve land disputes and demarcate land in Soroti and Katakwi Districts.

13 Setembro 2018

Faced with groundwater depletion, Uganda is restoring its wetlands and planting millions of trees to improve supply

MBARARA, Uganda - In the village of Katebe, Ugandan schoolchildren have little choice but to drink from the same water supply as animals.

15 Agosto 2018

The government is set to take about half of the land in the area to build the world's longest electrically heated oil pipeline from northwest Uganda to Tanzania, leaving locals worried

7 Maio 2018

Successful agricultural development initiatives associated with poverty reduction have seldom included large-scale land-based investment. Feed the Future focuses on smallholder-led agricultural growth as the principal engine of poverty reduction and food security. Investment in agriculture of all sizes, however, can be constructive and is encouraged by the U.S.

Two of Julius Peter's children stand in front of a fire their father lit to clear land for farming. Photo taken in Lulung village, Lologi on February 25, 2018. Sally Hayden/Thomson Reuters Foundation
7 Maio 2018

"They killed, therefore they do not deserve to be given land. The community members are angry with them"

GULU, Uganda - When Julius Peter was finally freed after seven years held hostage by Uganda's notorious Lord’s Resistance Army, he and his family hoped their lives would finally return to normal.

Instead, it was the start of a whole new ordeal.

Announcing the launch of the Research Consortium on Women’s Land Rights
23 Março 2018

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Research Consortium, a new powerful hub for the collection, sharing, and exchange of knowledge on how to effectively advance women’s land rights. We know women’s land rights matter, and the Research Consortium is designed to help us figure

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