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Gerlind Vollmer
1 Novembro 2019

Em África há um interesse crescente em proteger as florestas. Mas a pressão sobre o ecossistema mantém-se. Muitas empresas dependem da plantação de árvores que deem lucro imediato, sem respeitar a diversidade natural.

5 Outubro 2018

IN SIOMA, Western Province, Lungowe Nyambe has been growing maize on a small piece of land for the past five years. In theory, the land is hers as she is responsible for managing it every year and uses the harvest to earn some income and have food to feed her household.

20 Julho 2018

The Mkushi Famers Association has called for wide consultation on the draft land policy.

Association Acting President Bruce Skinner says the issue of the draft land policy has created a lot of uncertainty among commercial farmers in Mkushi.

9 Julho 2018

Lands Minister Jean Kapata has said that her Ministry is still waiting to hear recommendations from the Traditional leaders on National Land Policy.

Ms. Kapata said that the Traditional leaders held an indaba to further analyze the draft land policy and come up with recommendations to submit to government for consideration.

Zambia Should Protect Customary Land Rights
3 Abril 2018

Commercial Farmers Abusing Rural People’s Rights

Photo Courtesy of Jeremy Green
27 Novembro 2017
África do Sul

Dynamic country portfolios combine detailed narratives with Linked Open Data to provide comprehensive overviews of land governance systems

16 Novembro 2017

Some commercial farmers in Zambia's have acquired thousands of hectares while ignoring laws meant to prevent forced evictions, writes Juliana Nnoko-Mewanu from Human Rights Watch

30 Outubro 2017

Land empowerment for women is cardinal in the acceleration of development at community and national level. The picture may not look so encouraging in Zambia with regards to women making strides in accessing land. And even the very few women who have access to land are utilising it to full capacity. One such woman is 27-year old graduate Tamara Kaunda who is a shining example of women in leaders

13 Setembro 2017

Lusaka - When Zambian Lands Minister Judith Kapijimpanga announced recently that government had directed local authorities to intensify land allocation to women with immediate effect, there was general approval.

26 Maio 2017

Colonialism brought large-scale farming to Africa, promising modernisation and jobs – but often dispossessing people and exploiting workers. Now, after several decades of independence, and with investor interest growing, African governments are once again promoting large plantations and estates.

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