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Racismo e classismo, uma ferida que sangra nos protestos na Colômbia

13 Maio 2021
Indígenas colombianos a bordo de um ônibus ‘chiva’ passam diante de uma tropa militar nos arredores de Cali, na quarta-feira. Em vídeo, a participação dos indígenas nas manifestações.LUIS ROBAYO / AFP


Por Sally Palomino


O confronto entre homens armados e grupos indígenas em Cali colocou em cena uma violência histórica que o país ainda não leva em consideração


Why are tribal women in India still robbed of their land rights?

08 Março 2021
Shipra Deo

In Jharkhand, eastern India, women are not entitled to own land and accusations of witchcraft are wielded against them to silence their claims to land

When Talabitti’s husband died in 2016, her claim to the family land seemed to die with him. Though her husband had worked the family land by himself, upon his death his male cousins laid their claim. If Talabitti attempted to make a competing claim, they threatened to drive her away – with violence, if necessary. Sadly, this threat materialized.

ILDC-2020: A brief overview of proceedings

10 Março 2020
Narayana Gatty

India-Land and Development Conference (ILDC) – 2020 held in New Delhi from March 2 to 4 saw a lively debate on a wide range of issues relating to India’s land sector. More than 100 academicians, young researchers, activists and policy makers made their presentations in the conference spread across 34 thematic and two plenary sessions. More than 350 delegates participated in the event. 

Opportunities and Limitations: New Data Sources and Tech in the Fight Against Corruption

31 Agosto 2019
Stacey Zammit

Increasingly, governments and citizens in developing countries as well as development agencies are using information technology to improve governance, shape government-citizen relations, and reduce corruption. Despite this, we continue to be at the first phases of understanding how to best use these new data sources in anti-corruption work, as well as appreciating the challenges and limitations inherent in them.  

The Impact of Blockchain Technology on the Surveying Industry, Cadastre and Land Registry Systems

16 Julho 2019
Mr. John Dean Markunas



I. Introduction to Blockchain Technology

II. Overview of the Surveying Industry

III. Surveying and Blockchain

IV. Types of Blockchains  

V. The Case for Blockchain in the Real Estate Industry

VI. Blockchain, Surveying, Land Registry and Cadastre 

VII. Blockchain Registry Integration Levels

VIII. The Future of Blockchain for Real Estate

IX. Conclusion


Glossary — Blockchain Terminology

The Information Ecosystem: The Beginning of a Partnership for Action

17 Abril 2018
Stacey Zammit

After years of efforts, land rights are finally getting global attention. With several land-related indicators included in the Sustainable Development Goals, the land sector now has the unique opportunity to create an unprecedented momentum around land tenure issues and bring it to a higher level on the development agenda. Our goal is, of course, to contribute to the success of the SDGs, but also to be part of sustainable development in its real and practical sense!

From the Ground Up: Participatory Rights Documentation for Healthy Landscapes

17 Abril 2018
Matt Sommerville

Much of the world’s rural landscapes are technically managed by national governments with limited recognition of, or support for, the rights and management responsibilities of the rural poor who live in these areas. In an era of large-scale land acquisitions for global commodity production, this has led, in some cases, to governments allocating vast tracts of land and resources to companies with limited or no consultation of the people affected.