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Under this resource type, typically you will find land-related information with a more scientific approach. Examples of these documents can be journal articles, academic publications, PhD dissertations and theses, as well as discussions papers, books and book chapters.

territorios indígenas
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Março 2022
América do Sul

Este libro aborda el fenómeno de la “compra-venta” de tierras que emerge con fuerza en varios territorios indígenas del Oriente y la Amazonía de Bolivia.

Artigos e Livros
Junho 2021

El Estado Colombiano reconoce y protege la diversidad étnica y cultural de la Nación, la Constitución Política de Colombia define los derechos y garantías de las comunidades étnicas, al considerarlas como sujetos de especial protección constitucional, en razón, a la vulnerabilidad y amenaza, que pone en riesgo su supervivencia.

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Junho 2012

This paper analyzes the adoption behavior of smallholder farmers using comparable plot-level duration data for Kenya and The Philippines. We find that adoption behavior is strongly linked to the process of land ownership transfer.

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Maio 2020

Pastoralism faces diverse challenges, that include, among others, land tenure insecurity, that has necessitated the need to formalize land rights. Some governments have started regularizing rights for privately owned land, but this is complex to implement in pastoral areas where resources are used and managed collectively.

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Abril 2020

We measure the eco-efficiency (EE) of agricultural production in regard to soil erosion and decompose it into technical efficiency (TE) and soil conservation efficiency (SCE). 

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Outubro 2020

Climate change increasingly affects agricultural systems, making it necessary for farmers to adapt to changing climatic conditions.

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Agosto 2021

This chapter explores the interface between land tenure rights and soil security and screens through the Cameroonian land tenure legislation in order to identify relevant provisions that guarantee soil security.

Artigos e Livros
Janeiro 2021

A border dispute between Indian and Chinese troops, the most dangerous in 45 years, has roiled relations in the High Himalayan valleys and plateaus separating India (Ladakh) and China (Aksia Chin).

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