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Junho 2020

Assente na análise de vários conflitos pelo acesso à terra em Timor-Leste, este artigo busca compreender a íntima relação existente entre o moderno direito de propriedade e as estratégias coloniais-capitalistas de apropriação de recursos, uma relação geradora de injustiças.

BTI 2020 Country Report Sri Lanka
Documentos e relatórios de conferência
Maio 2020
Sri Lanka

The period under review covers 20 months under a coalition government, a constitutional crisis and a few months when the president and the prime minister, leading different political parties, jockeyed for position. There was little political progress under the coalition government.

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Abril 2020

Guinea’s 450 megawatt Souapiti dam, scheduled to begin operating in September 2020, is the most advanced of several new hydropower projects planned by the government of President Alpha Condé. Guinea’s government believes that hydropower can significantlyincrease access to electricity in a country where only a fraction of people have reliable access to power.

Le barrage, qui, selon le gouvernement guinéen, commencera à produire de l’électricité en septembre 2020, provoque le déplacement de 16 000 personnes de leurs foyers et de leurs terres. © 2020 Cellou Binani
Relatórios e Pesquisa
Abril 2020

Le barrage de Souapiti, qui devrait à terme fournir 450 mégawatts après sa mise en service en septembre 2020, est le projet d’énergie hydraulique le plus avancé parmi plusieurs nouveaux projets planifiés par le gouvernement du président guinéen Alpha Condé.

Grassroots Justice in a Pandemic: Ensuring a Just Response and Recovery
Documentos e Resumos de Políticas
Abril 2020

Communities around the world are reeling from the repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic and measures taken to contain it. Now more than ever, the ability to know, use, and shape the law is critical. Access to health care and various forms of relief hinge on the ability to know one’s rights and navigate complex systems.

Legislações e Políticas
Março 2020

Translation of the Customary

Ndondomeko Yofotokozera Kalembera ndi Umwinimwini wa Malo a Makolo
Manuais e Diretrizes
Março 2020

Msonkhano Wodziwitsa Atsogoleri a ma Dipatimenti ndi Mabungwe a pa Boma

Mamembala a nthambi yoyendetsa chitukuko pa Boma ayenera kudziwa za lamulo la malo a makolo koyambirira kuti asankhe dera lomwe angakayambire ntchito zokhudza lamuloli.

Msonkhano Wodziwitsa Makomiti a ADC, VDC ndi Magulu a m’madera za Lamulo la Malo a Makolo

Publicação revisada por pares
Março 2020
República Centro-Africana

The adoption of modern Land Administration Systems (LAS) in Sub Saharan Africa is done with the expectation that principles of equity, non-discrimination, efficiency, transparency, productivity and sustainability among others may be achieved to meet societal needs in those countries.

Artigos e Livros
Fevereiro 2020

Indigenous and community lands, crucial for rural livelihoods, are typically held under informal customary

tenure arrangements. This can leave the land vulnerable to outside commercial interests, so communities may

seek to formalize their land rights in a government registry and obtain an official land document. But this process

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Janeiro 2020

Evidence shows that women can benefit from having individualised land rights formalized in their names. However, similar evidence is not available for formalization of land rights that are based on collective tenure. Studies have estimated that as much as 65 percent of the world’s land is held under customary, collective-tenure systems.

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