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land tenure system
land tenure regimes

The land tenure system is the way and conditions under which land may be used.

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Publicação revisada por pares
Dezembro 2020
Estados Unidos

In an era of global warming, long-standing challenges for rural populations, including land inequality, poverty and food insecurity, risk being exacerbated by the effects of climate change. Innovative and effective approaches, such as Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA), are required to alleviate these environmental pressures without hampering efficiency.

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Outubro 2020

Responsible Land Policy in Uganda (RELAPU) is a project implemented by the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). BMZ created the Special Initiative “One World, No Hunger”, aimed to eradicate extreme hunger and poverty.

Publicação revisada por pares
Setembro 2020

Gender gap in ownership of agricultural land is still wide in many developing countries, mainly in favour of men. In some of these countries, both patrilineal and matrilineal systems are practised and recognized by governments. Tanzania is one of the countries in which both systems are practised.

Manuais e Diretrizes
Maio 2020

Despite good intentions, rural land registration schemes have often failed to reach women and other vulnerable people—revealing the need for more inclusive strategies that target these groups and strengthen their land tenure security.

Comment la REDD+ peut-elle contribuer à promouvoir et soutenir les garanties sociales dans les législations nationales ?
Relatórios e Pesquisa
Abril 2020

L’Afrique de l’Ouest et centrale abrite 25 % des forêts tropicales de la planète. La déforestation y est une préoccupation centrale au défi climatique. Face à cette menace, des lois nationales visent à protéger et à restaurer les forêts, ainsi qu’à encadrer leur utilisation pour le développement national.

Publicação revisada por pares
Março 2020

A new urbanization and rural revitalization strategy has been implemented in China over a number of years, under which farmers’ land contract rights (LCRs) flow inevitably through various means. The practice in reform pilot areas indicates that government funds cannot meet all the needs, so exploring market-based LCR payout paths is important for rural land tenure system reform.

Documentos e relatórios de conferência
Março 2020

Rhe North-East Land Conference, organized by the Martin Luther Christian University (MLCU), Shillong, North-Eastern Region Community Resource Management Programme (NERCORMP), Shillong; North East Network (NEN), NRMC-Centre for Land Governance (NRMC-CLG); and Rongmei Naga Baptist Convention (RNBA), Manipur evident the significance tenure dynamics and development paradigms in North East Region de

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Março 2020

This report titled Land in India: Issues and Debates is part of an initiative under the aegis of India Land & Development Conference (ILDC) which has a long-term objective of bringing out an annual Status of Land in India volume.

Publicação revisada por pares
Março 2020

This chapter investigated threats of statutory tenure on customary land. The study was primarily qualitative in nature and adopted a case study approach. Using evidence from Chamuka Chiefdom in Chisamba District, Central Province, the paper concludes that there are various threats of statutory tenure on customary land.

Legal guide on land consolidation
Manuais e Diretrizes
Legislações e Políticas
Fevereiro 2020
Ásia Central

Land consolidation is a highly effective land management instrument that allows for the improvement of the structure of agricultural holdings and farms in a country, which increases their economic and social efficiency and brings benefits both to right holders as well as to society in general.

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Fonte: Ciclo Vivo
17 Dezembro 2020
América do Sul
América do Norte
Estados Unidos
O INCRA e o Tribunal de Justiça da Bahia reconheceram que o fundo de pensão da empresa estadunidense TIAA e o fundo de investimentos da Universidade de Harvard adquiriram ilegalmente centenas de milhares de hectares de terras no Cerrado. As decisões emitidas pelo INCRA e pelo Tribunal de Justiça da Bahia estão detalhadas em um novo relatório da AATR, Rede Social e GRAIN.
Fonte: Luciano Rocha
30 Outubro 2019
América Latina e Caribe
Depois de anos conversando sobre, o Banco Interamericano de Desenvolvimento (BID) está testando pela primeira vez uma blockchain para registros de propriedades, divulgou a Coindesk nesta segunda-feira, 28 de outubro.
Call for Proposals - Secure Tenure in African Cities: Micro Funds for Community Innovation
21 Fevereiro 2019

Programa de Inovação - Convite à Apresentação de Propostas 2019. A Cities Alliance lançou um convite à apresentação de propostas para conceder pequenas subvenções a formas inovadoras de melhorar a segurança fundiária e direitos sobre a terra e propriedade em cidades africanas.