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Comunidades y su relación en el sector minero energético durante el siglo XXI

Journal Articles & Books
Julho, 2024
América Latina y el Caribe

Este documento examina la relación entre las comunidades y el sector minero energético en Colombia en el siglo XXI, destacando la violencia política y las violaciones de derechos humanos como problemas persistentes. Se enfoca en la victimización de líderes sociales y la impunidad que perpetúa la violencia, especialmente en áreas mineras. Propone el diálogo regional y el desarme de los grupos armados como soluciones para un desarrollo sostenible y respetuoso de los derechos humanos.

Rapid Response Mechanisms

Manuals & Guidelines
Abril, 2024

Often, approaches to investment-related land rights violations are reactive, rather than proactive and preventative: legal support is usually provided after communities have been negatively impacted, displaced or evicted — and after lives have been lost, property destroyed, local waters and soils polluted, and communities devastated. In such cases, legal support has a limited chance of reversing the damage caused.

Recognition of customary tenure in the forest landscapes of the Mekong region

Policy Papers & Briefs
Abril, 2024
South-Eastern Asia

The policy brief, one of four briefs on the agrarian transition in the Mekong region, explores initiatives and pathways forward to recognise customary tenure arrangements and rights over forest areas in the region. More than 70 million people in the region depend on forest areas but lack formal legal rights to use, manage, and benefit from them. Forest landscapes represent just under half of the region’s total land. Yet, over the past two decades, the region has lost a significant amount of forest due to the expansion of commercial agriculture.

Exploitation Minière et Foncier Agricole

Policy Papers & Briefs
Dezembro, 2023

Le Code minier du Mali dispose que les ressources souterraines appartiennent à l’État, même s’il s’agit de terres agricoles. Cette disposition consacre le droit souverain de l’État sur les ressources du sous-sol, qui en organise l’accès et l’exploitation. Les autorités doivent largement partager le contenu de cette disposition avec les communautés locales lors du processus d’attribution de titres miniers. L’État doit également faire respecter le mécanisme de surveillance et de contrôle du cahier des charges à cet effet.

Mise à l’échelle des résultats LAND-at-scale Mali

Policy Papers & Briefs
Dezembro, 2023

LAND-at-scale est une contribution à la protection des droits fonciers coutumiers des communautés et à la consolidation des acquis majeurs de la gouvernance foncière au Mali. Les cadres multi-acteurs à différents niveaux sont des espaces d’apprentissage et de partage d’expériences à promouvoir pour la gestion durable et apaisée du foncier agricole, gage de paix et de cohésion sociale, qui passe par la responsabilisation des communautés locales.

Scaling-Up Community Participatory Mapping And Land Use Planning To Reinforce Customary Land Governance For Multi-Stakeholder Engagement On Sustainable Investments And Trade On Land In Southwest Cameroon.

Dezembro, 2023
United States of America

Background and context
With the decentralization processes underway in most countries of the Congo Basin, community involvement in decision-making is becoming an imperative, particularly with regard to land and resource management (Beatty, M.T. et al. (1978). To ensure that this involvement results in a clear and sustained expression of community needs, it is important to think of an integrated, free and committed approach to communities in order to promote a dialogue between land management actors (Joe Watts, 1994).
Goal and objectives

Analyzing the Impacts of Eucalyptus and other ‘harmful’ Tree Plantations

Reports & Research
Dezembro, 2023

This study focuses on evaluating the impacts of eucalyptus tree plantations and other tree species on various aspects such as agricultural production, water resources, soil nutrients, natural forests, and biodiversity in the Sidama National Regional State (SNRS) of Ethiopia. While eucalyptus plantations have been acknowledged for sustaining local livelihoods, concerns have arisen regarding their adverse effects on water quantity and quality, soil fertility, biodiversity, and crop productivity.

Predicted changes in distribution and richness of wild edible plants under climate change scenarios in northwestern Kenya

Dezembro, 2023

Wild edible plants (WEPs) can provide diverse and nutrient-rich food sources that contribute to the health and well-being of communities worldwide. In northwestern Kenya, WEPs are vital dietary components for nomadic pastoral communities with limited access to diverse cultivated food crops. However, the increasing impact of climate change poses a threat to these valuable food resources, and their sustainable utilization remains precarious. Here, we assessed the potentially suitable habitats and richness of 23 selected WEPs in the region using a species distribution modeling (SDM) approach.

As crenças, os nomes e as terras: dinâmicas identitárias de famílias na periferia de Maputo

Journal Articles & Books
Dezembro, 2023

Este texto apresenta algumas ideias relacionadas com os processos de (re)construção das identidades familiares, suscitadas no decorrer de uma investigação sobre estratégias de sobrevivência e reprodução social de famílias da periferia de Maputo. Introduzindo o texto com uma caracterização geral das estratégias mencionadas, de modo a fundamentar a importância da compreensão da dimensão identitária na sua análise, a autora analisa alguns dos processos simbólicos através dos quais se reconstroem e se perpetuam as identidades familiares no universo de estudo.