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Integrating Food into Urban Planning

Journal Articles & Books
Dezembro, 2018
United States of America
Costa Rica

The integration of food into urban planning is a crucial and emerging topic. Urban planners, alongside the local and regional authorities that have traditionally been less engaged in food-related issues, are now asked to take a central and active part in understanding the way food is produced, processed, packaged, transported, marketed, consumed, disposed of and recycled in our cities.

Atlas of West African urban food systems: examples from Ghana and Burkina Faso

Journal Articles & Books
Novembro, 2018
Burkina Faso
Western Africa

This Atlas summarizes recent advances in interdisciplinary approaches and research to address the different components of West African urban food systems, including urban and peri-urban agriculture. It thereby draws on the results of several major collaborative research projects and stakeholder consultations conducted in West Africa over the past two decades, and in particular on the UrbanFoodPlus project in Ghana and Burkina Faso ( The publication targets with its innovative design a broad range of stakeholders.

Food Security and Nutrition in City Region Food System Planning - Sri Lanka

Institutional & promotional materials
Agosto, 2018
South Sudan
Sri Lanka

Colombo Municipal Council (CMC) is located in the center of Kandy-Colombo-Galle urbanization belt, where it forms the largest Local Authority (LA) of Sri Lanka and one of the oldest in South Asia, established in 1865. Together with 12 other LAs, it forms part of the Colombo district, which is one of three districts (Colombo, Gamapaha and Kalutara) of Sri Lanka’s most populated Western Province, which hosts the largest part of the urbanization belt.

Food systems for an urbanizing world

Journal Articles & Books
Agosto, 2018
Republic of Korea
United States of America

Food Systems for an Urbanizing World is a joint report prepared by the World Bank and FAO. It aims to stimulate discussion and suggest pathways to support local and national governments, and civil society and private sector actors in their efforts to improve the performance and capacity of food systems. The report describes the diversity and ever-changing nature of food systems, with interlinked traditional, modern and informal channels that respond to different market segments and different consumer preferences.

Daegu: mitigating climate change through urban agriculture

Institutional & promotional materials
Julho, 2018
Republic of Korea

In 2012, the City of Daegu launched and financed a paddy rice project in eight busy places of the city, providing additional green areas while simultaneously cooling the hot urban climate during summer time. The harvest is done by thousands of citizens and redistributed to disadvantaged neighborhoods. Study tours are organized in the fields for citizens and children.

Problématique Maraîchère Induite Par La Nouvelle Dynamique Foncière Autour Des Bas-Fonds Urbains À Bouaké (Côte D’ivoire)

Journal Articles & Books
Abril, 2018
Côte d'Ivoire

L’agriculture urbaine en Côte d’Ivoire constitue une activité importante en termes de sécurité alimentaire, d’emploi et de réponse aux problèmes environnementaux. Cependant à Bouaké, cette agriculture et principalement le maraîchage urbain fait face à une nouvelle dynamique foncière autour des bas-fonds intra-urbains. Cette situation est consécutive à l’émergence de nouveaux acteurs en raison des enjeux nouveaux que représentent les bas-fonds.

Regional Law No. 66-ZS amending Regional Law No. 8-ZS “On regulation of some issues related to turnover of agricultural land”.

Outubro, 2017

Preamble shall be amended to add the following wording: “This Regional Law shall not be applicable to agricultural land classified as gardening, horticultural and subsistence farming land plots destined for individual subsidiary smallholding, garage construction and also to land plots under estate property. Turnover of the aforesaid land plots shall be regulated by Land Code of the Russian Federation”.

Amends: Regional Law No. 8-ZS “On regulation of some issues related to turnover of agricultural land”. (2007-07-10)

Federal Law No. 217-FZ “On gardening and horticulture for individual personal needs”.

Julho, 2017

This Federal Law regulates the issues of gardening and horticulture by citizens for individual personal needs (subsistence farming), determines civil and legal status of non-commercial organizations constituted by citizens for gardening and truck farming in accordance with the Civil Code of the Russian Federation. Owners of plots of agricultural land destined for gardening and horticulture and citizens wishing to purchase such plots in accordance with land legislation can constitute non-commercial gardening and horticultural associations.

Le maraîchage périurbain à Libreville et Owendo (Gabon)

Peer-reviewed publication
Junho, 2017

Au Gabon, le rôle du maraîchage périurbain est essentiel à l'approvisionnement des villes en légumes frais, notamment à Libreville et Owendo. Lors d'une enquête menée dans trois périmètres maraîchers, un état des lieux a été réalisé sur les caractéristiques socio-économiques, la diversité des plantes cultivées et les pesticides utilisés. Les superficies exploitées vont de 0,08 ha à 0,4 ha par maraîcher selon les sites. Les exploitants interrogés sont à 51 % originaires du Gabon alors que 40 % sont originaires du Burkina Faso.

Diretrizes de Apoio e Promoção da Agricultura Familiar nos Estados membros da CPLP

Manuals & Guidelines
Maio, 2017
Guiné Equatorial
São Tomé e Príncipe
Cabo Verde

Diretrizes de Apoio e Promoção da Agricultura Familiar nos Estados membros da CPLP aprovadas na II Reunião extraordinária do Conselho Regional de Segurança Alimentar e Nutricional da CPLP (CONSAN-CPLP)

Experiences from stakeholder dialogues in Tamale, northern Ghana

Journal Articles & Books
Dezembro, 2016

Tamale is the capital city of Ghana’s Northern Region. As the regional capital, Tamale is growing rapidly – the population has almost tripled to over 370,000 in the past 30 years, and the areal extent has increased up to sevenfold in the same period. Urban agriculture is an integral part of the food system, linked to resource management and spatial planning. In general one can say that backyard farming flourishes, but more formally organised production is threatened by urbanisation.

Programa Solidario Patio Saludable: desde un proyecto a una política pública

Policy Papers & Briefs
Outubro, 2016

En esta publicación se hace un resumen de cómo el Gobierno de Reconciliación y Unidad Nacional valoró muy bien la iniciativa de agricultura urbana y periurbana y el 14 de mayo del 2012 retoma la idea del proyecto, lo renombra y lo lanza como programa público denominado “Programa Solidario Patio Saludable”. Aquí se dan a conocer las metas del programa y algunos aspectos de importancia de dicha política.