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Characteristics of urban and peri-urban agriculture in West Africa: results of an exploratory survey conducted in Tamale (Ghana) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Reports & Research
Dezembro, 2015
Burkina Faso
África Ocidental

The report summarizes key results from surveys carried out on urban and peri-urban agriculture (UPA) in Tamale (Ghana) and Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso) in 2013. The aim was to provide a broad overview of the state of UPA in the study cities and a basis for future research endeavors. The randomized sampling approach used aerial photography to identify 10 sites in different categories of farm in each city. Farmers provided information on their cropping and livestock-rearing activities.

Le contrôle des ressources dans une guerre civile régionalisée (Centrafrique).

Journal Articles & Books
Setembro, 2015
Central African Republic

Ce numéro des Cahiers d’Outre-Mer traite d’une question classique de géographie politique, la relation entre ressources et conflits armés, dans un contexte original, celui de la République centrafricaine (RCA). Afin d’introduire les textes qui composent ce dossier, il s’agit d’abord de situer le cas centrafricain par rapport aux principales approches développées dans les sciences sociales sur la thématique des conflits et des ressources, et de trier celles qui semblent le plus opératoires pour éclairer l’imbroglio centrafricain.

City Region Food Systems

Reports & Research
Junho, 2015

Cities and towns around the world continue to grow at different rates and increasingly bear the costs of food and nutrition insecurity. Cities often view themselves as having a limited role in ensuring access by all their inhabitants to sufficient, adequate, affordable, nutritious and safe food. A city region food system (CRFS) approach provides a critical lens for analysis while supporting on-the-ground policy transformation and implementation. Working at city region level can leverage the complexity of rural-urban linkages to a practical level by making food the common denominator.

Unjust Enrichment

Journal Articles & Books
Reports & Research
Fevereiro, 2015

Illegal and irregular allocations of public land were a common feature of the Moi regime and perhaps it’s most pervasive corrupt practice. The Ndung’u Report as well as various reports of the Public Investment Committee details numerous cases of public land illegal allocated to individuals and companies in total disregard of the law and public interest. Most allocations were made to politically correct individuals without justification and resulted in individuals being unjustly enriched at great cost to the people of Kenya.

Peri-urbanization and New Built-up Property Formation Process in the Peri-urban Areas of Ethiopia

Journal Articles & Books
Dezembro, 2014

 Peri-urban areas in Ethiopia like that of other African countries are places where much of urban growth is taking place and as a result the competition for land between agriculture and nonagriculture (urban built-up property) is intense. It is there that new properties and property rights emerge and at the same time the existing traditional or customary rights may also disappear or dissolve. This study has attempted to assess and demonstrate the process of built-up property formation process in the transitional peri-urban areas of Ethiopia.

Global assessment of urban and peri-urban agriculture: irrigated and rainfed croplands

Journal Articles & Books
Dezembro, 2014

The role of urban agriculture in global food security is a topic of increasing discussion. Existing research on urban and peri-urban agriculture consists largely of case studies that frequently use disparate definitions of urban and peri-urban agriculture depending on the local context and study objectives. This lack of consistency makes quantification of the extent of this practice at the global scale difficult.

Animal husbandry in cities – using potentials, reducing risks

Journal Articles & Books
Outubro, 2014

Not only rabbits and guinea-pigs but sheep, goats, cattle and pigs also play a crucial role in the food and income situation of countless city-dwellers world-wide. However, when people and animals live in such close proximity, health risks are inevitable. But instead of banning urban animal husbandry, as was, for example, considered in the course of the swine influenza epidemic, framework conditions ought to be created that enable people to make use of this business branch to earn a profit without running risks.

Granja Escuela Agroecológica Mutualitas y Mutualitos Bogotá, Colombia

Reports & Research
Setembro, 2014

Experiencia familiar de acceso y retorno a la tierra, encabezada por doña Rosa, mujer campesina que de niña llegó a Bogotá. En un barrio urbano, encuentra un basurero, habilitándolo para la agricultura agroecológica, cultivos orgánicos y uso de semillas nativas que se convierte en un espacio de encuentro y minga, donde se comparte saberes: la Granja Escuela Agroecológica Mutualitas y Mutualitos

Proceedings of the regional workshop on strengthening urban and peri-urban agriculture towards resilient food systems in Asia, volume II

Journal Articles & Books
Novembro, 2013
Sri Lanka
República da Coreia

More than 50 senior representatives from 12 countries representing various sectors - health, agriculture (horticulture/livestock), fisheries, agricultural marketing, agricultural policy planning, urban development, NGOs, academia and industry - attended the regional workshop on strengthening urban and peri-urban agriculture towards resilient food systems in Asia.