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Resolución Nº 356/93 - Autoriza los préstamos de tierras rústicas estatales ociosas.


La presente Resolución, que consta de 11 párrafos, faculta a los directores de empresas agropecuarias y forestales del Ministerio de Agricultura y directores de los complejos agroindustriales del Ministerio del Azúcar, a fin de que autoricen para autoconsumo familiar los préstamos de tierra rústica estatal ociosa en carácter de usufructo gratuito a jubilados o personas que por causas plenamente justificadas no puedan trabajar sistemáticamente en la agricultura (par. 1º).

Decree No. 27 of State Property Committee validating the Regulation on cadastre valuation of urban land and agricultural land of horticulture and gardening cooperatives and updating its data.

Europa Oriental

This Decree establishes the modalities of cadastre valuation of agricultural land and updating its data related to plots of agricultural land allotted for urban and peri-urban agriculture to horticulture and gardening cooperatives, and also the land or urban areas. Cadastre valuation of agricultural land shall be conducted on 1 July of the year of performance of cadastre valuation. Cadastre valuation of the aforesaid land categories shall be performed by initiative of State Property Committee at least once in 4 years.

Regional Law No. 27-OZ amending Regional Law No. 63-OZ on maximum size of the plots of land conceded to citizens in ownership.

Europa Oriental

Article 1 shall be amended to add the following wording: “This Regional Law establishes maximum and minimum land areas of land plots destined for consolidation and allotment in ownership to citizens for gardening, horticulture, urban and peri-urban agriculture and stockbreeding out of stock of public and municipal land that has no land-use planning documentation for construction purposes by the date of 1 March 2015”.

Amends: Regional Law No. 63-OZ on maximum size of the plots of land conceded to citizens in ownership. (2003-12-10)

Let´s Save the Colombian Rural Urban Space

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The rural space close to the Colombian large cities, presents a critical panorama due to its borderline situation between a field that has practically been abandoned as developmental, economic, and social project in the last sixty years, and a city submitted to an intensive urbanization process, which in a short period has changed the demography, economy, and culture of the country. In general terms, this critical rural scene presents the following characteristics: Uncontrolled housing urbanization VIS, spontaneous, for recreation and second homes.