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Janeiro 2015

The cities that emerge from Indonesia s
rapid urbanization will be key determinants of the country s
overall economic development and competitiveness, as well as
their inclusiveness and environmental sustainability.
However, without strategically planned investments, policy

Janeiro 2015

The world's urban population is
expected to increase by about 2.7 billion by
2050.Virtually all of the increased population
will be in developing countries, leading to massive needs
for new and improved housing and urban infrastructures
(UNDESA 2012). The planning and design of these new

Janeiro 2015

The paper investigates determinants of
civic participation in local budget processes in rural areas
in the Kyrgyz Republic by using data from the Life in
Kyrgyzstan survey, conducted in 2012. The analysis of the
data suggests that although civic awareness and interest in

Janeiro 2015
Sudeste Asiático

Across the world, the housing sector
plays a key role in local and national economies, and
expanding access to housing can encourage more equitably
shared economic growth. This report surveys current policy
interventions designed to encourage affordable housing in

Janeiro 2015

Despite considerable progress in the
area of environmental management over the last decade,
Colombia still faces significant impacts from population
exposure to urban air pollution, inadequate access to water
supply and sanitation, and indoor air pollution from solid

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Janeiro 2015

In this exploration of urban and regional dynamics in Poland after the transition, the authors find that the degree of urbanization, and primacy remains low in Poland. The largest cities are not growing at the rate that would be expected if post-transition adjustments were operating freely. As a result, Poland is not fully realizing external economies from urban agglomeration.

Publicação revisada por pares
Dezembro 2014

The social and solidarity economy (SSE) is an emerging sector of the European economies. It’s importance is demonstrated by millions of employees and significant share of GDP. In recognition of its perceptivity, ministries dedicated to SSE have been established in many countries. However, there is a lively debate about on the definition of SSE itself.

Publicação revisada por pares
Dezembro 2014

The Enna Province is characterized by a low degree of economic, infrastructural and industrial development. Its hilly territory is a fair combination of many different and integrated landscapes.

Publicação revisada por pares
Dezembro 2014
América do Norte

During the period immediately after World War II, planning in North America and Europe followed highly centralized, top-down, command-and-control approaches that were based on the rational-comprehensive model of planning, which implies an all-knowing, all-powerful government. Part and parcel of this approach was the government’s control of development land and its value.

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Fonte: VOA
1 Setembro 2020
O padre católico José Inácio, assessor do governador provincial de Benguela para a área social, foi constituído arguido por suspeitas de fraude na venda de casas em centralidades da província, no seguimento de um processo-crime com quatro detidos, todos na cadeia do Lobito, soube a Voz da América. 
Foto: Matteo de Mayda
18 Julho 2020
África subsariana
Líderes comunitários angolanos alertam para possíveis conflitos sociais na aplicação da Lei sobre Expropriação por Utilidade Pública, aprovada na quarta-feira, 17, pela Assembleia Nacional.