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Julho 2015

This issue includes the following
headings: mass rapid transit: a tool for urban expansion;
financing: beyond sovereign guarantees; and low-income
housing: lessons from Latin America.

Julho 2015

China has used two main spatial policies
to shape its geographic patterns of development: restricted
labor mobility through the Hukou residential registration
system and massive infrastructure investment, notably a
96,000 kilometer national expressway network. This paper

Publicação revisada por pares
Junho 2015

The paper synthesises and compares the results of a research carried out on the energy potential of the provinces of Enna and Syracuse from the perspective of wind energy production. The study highlighted some remarkable differences between the two provinces due to the different wind dynamics and the presence of the landscape characteristics.

Publicação revisada por pares
Junho 2015

The area of the Strait of Messina, covering as trip of land that runs from Gioia Tauro to Melito Porto Salvo, on the Calabrian side and from Milazzo to Giardini Naxos on the Sicilian side, is bounded by the Aspromonte Massif and Peloritani Chain that create a room in the landscape: the empty water square of the Strait.

Relatórios e Pesquisa
Recursos e Ferramentas de Treinamento
Junho 2015

This report aims to extract lessons on slum upgrading and involuntary resettlement policies and practices learned from the process of addressing the Badia East case, which involved complex interactions between affected people, NGOs, the Bank and Lagos State Government.

Maio 2015

In 2009 the Gabonese authorities defined
a new vision whose strategic guidelines are detailed in an
operational plan, the strategic plan for an emerging Gabon
(PSGE) whose goal is to turn Gabon into an emerging country
within one generation. PSGE includes an ambitious public

Publicação revisada por pares
Abril 2015

Economist Sir Nicholas Stern warned that the global warming could cause major blow to the world economy than the two world wars and the crisis in the 1930s. But where are we in this process now and what can be expected in the near future and what opportunities we are to curb the negative effects and to slow down the global warming.

Abril 2015

This strategic environmental assessment
(SEA) is a technical piece intended to assist in the current
and future identification of priority industrial pollutants
and economic instruments to minimize industrial waste. This
industrial sector SEA is one of six pieces of technical

Abril 2015

According to the United Nations
population fund, the world is undergoing the largest wave of
urban growth in history, with more people now living in
cities than in rural areas. Cities are also responsible for
a high proportion of global carbon emissions, which are the

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Fonte: VOA
1 Setembro 2020
O padre católico José Inácio, assessor do governador provincial de Benguela para a área social, foi constituído arguido por suspeitas de fraude na venda de casas em centralidades da província, no seguimento de um processo-crime com quatro detidos, todos na cadeia do Lobito, soube a Voz da América. 
Foto: Matteo de Mayda
18 Julho 2020
África subsariana
Líderes comunitários angolanos alertam para possíveis conflitos sociais na aplicação da Lei sobre Expropriação por Utilidade Pública, aprovada na quarta-feira, 17, pela Assembleia Nacional.