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Protected areas refer to areas of at least 1,000 hectares as scientific and natural reserves and strict nature reserves, national parks of national and international reputation, natural monuments and landscapes.

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Políticas Nacionais
Janeiro 2017

The Vision of the Forest Policy is that: by 2062, Jamaica’s forests and its biodiversity are sufficiently restored and sustainably managed, so once again the island can adequately be described as “the land of wood and water”, capable of meeting the social, economic and ecological needs of current and future generations.

Políticas Nacionais
Janeiro 2017

The National Environment Strategy and Action Plan (NESAP) 2016-2023 is developed in accordance with the the Constitution and 1996 Law on Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management.

Janeiro 2017

This Instrument, made by the Minister of State under section 39 of the Protected Areas Act declares Kanashen Village to be an Amerindian Protected Area. Kanashen Village is communal village lands held by the Village Council on behalf of the Wai Wai Amerindian people of that Village. The Village Council is the Sole Management Authority for the Amerindian Protected Area.

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Dezembro 2016

In the article is analysed the role of GIS technologies, their connection to the land geographical space, components and tasks of GIS, their role in observation of the state control over land use and protection of agricultural land, as well as ways to improve the system of state control through the introduction of GIS technologies.

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Dezembro 2016

Protected areas are intended to conserve biodiversity by restricting human activities within their boundaries. However, such restrictions are difficult to enforce fully in many tropical parks. Improving regulatory enforcement requires an understanding of prevailing challenges to detection and sanctioning activities.

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Dezembro 2016

Protected areas (including areas that are nominally fully protected and those managed for multiple uses) encompass about a quarter of the total tropical forest estate. Despite growing interest in the relative value of community-managed lands and protected areas, knowledge about the biodiversity value that each sustains remains scarce in the biodiversity-rich tropics.

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