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The Implementation of Rwanda’s Expropriation Law and Outcomes on the Population

Conference Papers & Reports
Julho, 2015

Rwanda is developing at a remarkably rapid pace, and with that development has come a multitude of corresponding changes to the orientation and use of land throughout the country. In light of these changes, law n°18/2007 of 19/04/2007 relating to expropriation in the public interest was adopted to provide clear procedures for the government to follow in the taking of privately-owned land for other uses deemed to be in the public interest.

Large-Scale Land Acquisitions, Displacement and Resettlement in Zambia

Reports & Research
Junho, 2015

Includes key issues; the rise of development-induced displacements; key findings on the resettlement process; evaluating the proposed National Resettlement Policy; recommendations. Brief argues reforms need to be cognisant of the ways and means in which communities have been displaced and resettled in recent cases of land-based investments, and learn lessons from them.

The end of exile

Reports & Research
Junho, 2015

Since Myanmar opened up under the semi-civilian government in 2011, the diaspora have been encouraged to return.

As persecution on the basis of political activity or ethnicity is often the reason they left, many are reluctant to return permanently to what is an unclear political situation. As a result, brief stays are common. After so many years away from home, family and friends, it is difficult to image the experience of returning.

Myanmar fighting spurs mass displacement - The country's political reforms have not shielded remote communities from being devastated by ongoing conflicts.

Reports & Research
Junho, 2015

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"The country's political reforms have not shielded remote communities from being devastated by ongoing conflicts...Myanmar has undergone political reform over the past few years, led by President Thein Sein, a former military commander who has adopted a more moderate stance concerning the country's political system.

Despite the reforms, however, conflicts involving minority groups have escalated, and Myanmar's Muslim communities, especially the Rohingya in the northwest, have become victims of violence.

Yanaocas en los Andes y la Amazonía

Reports & Research
Junho, 2015

Se trata de un caso de itinerancia de familias andinas a la región amazónica, específicamente en Tambopata, Madre de Dios, en el Perú, donde el acceso a la tierra determina no sólo su posibilidad de sostenerse, sino también la sostenibilidad del tejido comunitario que sirve de estrategia para enfrentar los embates de una Amazonía atravesada por el proyecto IIRSA y el proyecto modernizante Estatal.

Urban informal settlers displaced by disasters: challenges to housing responses

Reports & Research
Maio, 2015

IDMC's report explores the challenges in providing sustainable housing assistance to informal urban settlers displaced by disasters. It looks at nine case studies from Asia, America and Europe.

The report identifies the difficulties faced by urban informal settlers in receiving long-term housing assistance in post-disaster situations. Informal settlers are more exposed and vulnerable to displacement and are more likely to be relocated and excluded from the provision of durable housing assistance.

Forced Displacement in the Great Lakes Region

Abril, 2015

At the end of 2013, there were about 3.3
million people who remained forcibly displaced within the
Great Lakes Region (GLR) of Africa. Of these, 82 percent
were internally displaced persons (IDPs) and 18 percent
refugees; 64 percent were under 18 years old. This Report
analyzes the extent, causes, and character of this forced
displacement, with particular attention to certain situations.

Comunidad Indígena Sawhoyamaxa Historia de lucha y reivindicación territorial en el Chaco paraguayo

Reports & Research
Março, 2015

En junio de 2014 sucede algo inédito en la historia de la lucha por la tierra en Paraguay: una comunidad indígena (Sawhoyamaxa), logra la restitución de las 14.404 hectáreas de tierras que hace más de 20 años viene reclamando como suyas. En 2006, la Corte Interamericana de Derechos Humanos había determinado que en justicia le pertenecía.

Security choices of a population, victim of forced displacement. The case of the 8th commune in Medellín

Journal Articles & Books
Março, 2015

Is it possible that populations living in precarious socio-economic conditions and in violent contexts, can provide a different security from that offered by the State and illegal armed actors? It is the question that this article answers, based on a research carried out in Medellin, with victims of forced displacement of the Commune 8, which works with a focus on human security and methodology from the bottom.

How China Fuels Myanmar’s Wars

Reports & Research
Março, 2015

...When an estimated 50,000 ethnic Kokang civilians poured into southwest China last month to escape fighting between the Myanmar Army and Kokang rebels, Beijing called for peace and provided food, medical supplies and camps for the refugees. But China’s stance as a benevolent mediator in Myanmar’s many internal conflicts and its treatment of asylum seekers is far less altruistic than Beijing cares to admit.

Climate change, environment and migration in the Sahel

Journal Articles & Books
Fevereiro, 2015

In the debate on climate change, it is frequently argued that the number of “climate refugees” is going to grow world-wide. So far, however, only little evidence has been provided of links between climate change, environmental changes and migration. The transdisciplinary research project “micle”– migration, climate & environment – has examined this link in selected areas of the Sahel zone.