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Julho 2017

Various multilateral organisations, for instance the World Bank, the Food and Agricultural Organisation have been at the forefront of the different programmes designed to enhance tenure security of landholders as the basis for long-term agricultural development. This has been the case especially in parts of the world where customary systems of tenure are predominant.

Land Reform in Afghanistan: Full Impact and Sustainability of $41.2 Million USAID Program Is Unknown
Relatórios e Pesquisa
Fevereiro 2017

According to land reform experts, in Afghanistan, as in other developing countries, land administration is critical to economic growth and security. Since 2004, the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) has supported efforts to address land reform and land tenure in Afghanistan because of their effects on the economy and the lives of the Afghan people. According to a U.S.

Documentos e Resumos de Políticas
Dezembro 2016

Kenya is going through a period of intense transition. The country's main development policy, Vision 2030, is just entering the second Medium Term Plan of Implementation from 2013. The development priorities focus extensively on large scale investments, for industrial, irrigated agriculture, utilization of newly discovered natural resources, and infrastructure development.

Manuais e Diretrizes
Maio 2016

The absence of a clearly defined land use policy in Kenya after years of independence has resulted in a haphazard approach to managing the different land use practices and policy responses. Land use continues to be addressed through many uncoordinated legal and policy frameworks that have done little to unravel the many issues that affect land use management.

Artigos e Livros
Março 2016

A Land Information Management System (LIMS) is an information system that enables the capture, management, and analysis of geographically referenced land-related data in order to produce land information for decision-making in land administration and management. The system is a Geospatial Information System (GIS) driven for the purposes of handling and managing parcel based information.

Documentos e Resumos de Políticas
Dezembro 2015

This publication is a lobby material to advocate the passage of the National Land Use Act. It shows the adverse effects of the lack of land use planning in coastal communities especially in the advent of  a natural disaster. This publication features the Typhoon Haiyan-affected coastal communities in the Visayas Region of the Philippines as examples.

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Setembro 2015

La experiencia del matrimonio de Narciso Raya y Segundina Poma es un acceso a tierras de tipo familiar, en su condición de comuneros son usufructurarios de las tierras colectivas dentro de la comunidad Huancalle que fue beneficiada con la entrega de tierras perteneciente a una hacienda.

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Agosto 2015

In Kenya, insecure land tenure and inequitable access to land, forest and water resources have contributed to conflict and violence, which has in turn exacerbated food insecurity. To address these interlinked problems, a new set of laws and policies on food security and land governance are currently being introduced or designed by the Government of Kenya.

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Abril 2015
América Latina e Caribe

En vista de la desigualdad en el acceso a la tierra y a servicios sociales en Colombia que afecta a las mujeres rurales, y de la baja participación de mujeres en programas del Ministerio de Agricultura y Desarrollo Rural (MADR) y del Banco Agrario, el MADR solicitó a USAID y al Programa de Tierras y Desarrollo Rural (PTDR) de Tetra Tech ARD, realizar un estudio para entender cuáles son los cuel

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