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Junho 2012

Afghanistan has come a long way since
emerging from major conflict in late 2001. Important
political milestones mandated by the Bonn Agreement (two
Loya Jirgas, a new Constitution, recently the Presidential
election) have been achieved. The economy has recovered

Junho 2012

This paper examines different models of
governing structure found in metropolitan areas around the
world. It evaluates how well these models achieve the
coordination of service delivery over the entire
metropolitan area as well as the extent to which they result

Junho 2012

Doing Business 2007: How to reform is
the fourth in a series of annual reports investigating the
regulations that enhance business activity and those that
constrain it. Doing Business presents quantitative
indicators on business regulations and the protection of

Junho 2012

The objective of the Botswana Investment
Climate Assessment (ICA) is to evaluate the investment
climate in Botswana in all its operational dimensions and
promote policies to strengthen the private sector. The
investment climate is made up of the many location specific

Junho 2012

This IEG evaluation brings a fresh
perspective to the debate by assessing the development
effectiveness of the Bank's recent work. It presents
evidence -- including views from the client countries
themselves -- about the outcomes of the Bank's support

Maio 2012

The Government of China has placed
strong emphasis on addressing problems related to
agriculture, farmers, and rural society, with the
development of a "new socialist countryside"
designated as a top priority for the Eleventh Five-Year Plan

Maio 2012

This evaluation examines the track
record of the regional development programs that the World
Bank has supported over the past 10 years. While these are
relatively few in number, together they offer valuable
lessons for how such programs can be designed and

Maio 2012

This series "New Frontiers of
Social Policy" aims to promote social development
through systematic attention to the underlying social
context and the social outcomes of development interventions
and public policy. This book series has been conceived and

Maio 2012

This paper provides the results of an
international survey of practitioners with experience in
facilitating the participation of African smallholder
farmers in supply chains for higher-value and/or
differentiated agricultural products. It explores their

Maio 2012
Norte de África
Sudoeste Asiático

This report is about how women
entrepreneurs can contribute more to the quality and
direction of economic and social development in the Middle
East and North Africa (MENA) region. Economic growth in the
Middle East has been remarkable since 2004, mainly because

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