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Novembro 2008

Collective actions groups have many advantages and are sometimes essential, yet they can reinforce or perpetuate inter-and intra-gender inequalities when their functioning is left entirely subject to internal community dynamics and they are not well managed. This is well illustrated by the case of Koussin-Lélé rice scheme in the central Benin.

Land Reform in Tajikistan
Artigos e Livros
Janeiro 2008

This paper examines the impact of land reform on agricultural productivity in Tajikistan. Recent legislation allows farmers to obtain access to heritable land shares for private use, but reform has been geographically uneven. The break-up of state farms has occurred in some areas where agriculture has little to offer but, where high value crops are grown, land reform has hardly begun.

Artigos e Livros
Dezembro 2006

This volume is an analytical summary and a critical synthesis of research at the International Water Management Institute over the past decade under its evolving research paradigm known popularly as 'more crop per drop'.

Publicação revisada por pares

The study reviews the land policy in Zimbabwe and investigates the extent to which the policy provides incentives for investment and technology adoption to increase labour productivity in the agricultural sector. The research is based on a desk study of relevant literature and land policies implemented by the Zimbabwe government since 1980.

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