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Peer-reviewed publication
Abril 2019

In the face of increasing socio-economic and climatic pressures in growing cities, it is rational for managers to consider multiple approaches for securing water availability. One often disregarded option is the promotion of reforestation in source regions supplying important quantities of…

Julho 2003

La présente loi autorise la ratification de la réglementation commune aux Etats membres du CILSS sur l’homologation des pesticides, révisée et adoptée par le Conseil des Ministres du CILSS, le 16 décembre 1999 à N’Djaména (Tchad), dont le but est de mettre en commun (dans un cadre sous-régional…

Dezembro 1988
Dezembro 1984
Dezembro 1967
Dezembro 1729

This Act makes provision for the payment of compensation for withholding of property by persons acting in collusion with tenants and for the recovery of non-paid rent. The Act also makes provision for the renewal of leases without the surrender of land.


This Ordinance establishes the Council for Physical Development and provides rules for town and country planning and development in general in Aruba. The Minister shall prepare a Physical Development Plan, which contains general indications of proposed development. The Plan shall be adopted by…


This Decree establishes a public corporation that shall be responsible for waste collection and processing in Aruba and the maintenance of all public land. The corporation shall be managed by a council and a director. It shall observe in its operations all existing environmental norms.