Las leyes del suelo. A propósito de la propuesta de modificación y actualización del PRM-1994 de Santiago | Land Portal | Protegendo os direitos da terra através de dados abertos

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Março 2015
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The proposal for modification of the 1994 Metropolitan Plan for Santiago (PRMS) put forward by the Ministry of Housing and Urbanism (MINVU) at the beginning of 2008, allows us to reflect on the role of the land as a fundamental factor of urban activity and also as an element that remains as such through the whole process of property development, imposing its own “rules”.
In addition, this planning process poses the necessity for identifying the essential precautions needed when proposing the classification of new urban land and the demands that arise from the property development sector to announce every now and then the scarcity of land and the necessity of having new urban land through administrative actions, but never through urban conducts, as it should be.

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Jonás Figueroa Salas

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