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Biblioteca Water and the Rural Poor

Water and the Rural Poor

Water and the Rural Poor

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Novembro 2014
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Investments in water have played a critical role in promoting socio-economic development in rural Asia. Sustainable management of water resources remains a prerequisite for development and reducing poverty and hunger. Water is a key factor affecting agricultural production and reduction of rural poverty. Most small farmers live in areas with poor natural resource conditions, where water-related constraints are a root cause of low production and increasing vulnerability to natural disasters and climate variability. The importance of securing water availability for rural livelihoods is therefore increasing. This report demonstrates that there is tremendous potential for well-targeted water interventions to enhance livelihoods and support rural development even in water-scarce environments. It argues that future investments in agricultural water management should complement other interventions to support rural transformation and poverty reduction programmes. The region is confronted with a double transitional challenge of maintaining rapid economic growth and managing natural resources sustainably. Rural livelihoods are in transition and are evolving in complex ways, shaped by both global forces and local contexts.

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