Decision support for water management for integrating aquaculture in small-scale irrigation systems: a case for the Chingale catchment in Malawi. Project Brief | Land Portal

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Dezembro 2013
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A three-year project was funded by the BMZ/GIZ to examine the benefits of integrating aquaculture and small scale irrigation by identifying improved water allocation and management strategies under current and future climate change scenarios. An integrated modeling approach was adopted to analyze the complex issues involved in the decision processes. A water budgeting approach was used in estimating and balancing the water resources available to farming communities (the supply aspect) and the water demand for agricultural use, including crops and fish farming, within a catchment. Adjustments in water allocation and management across and within sub-catchments may then be explored at and beyond the farm level to achieve improved productivity from the integrated farming system while maintaining sustainability and equity in development.

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Kam SP
Cai X
Sood A
Hoanh CT
Nagoli J
Chijere A
Yen, B.T.


WorldFish's mission is to reduce poverty and hunger by improving fisheries and aquaculture. We strive to achieve large scale, environmentally sustainable, increases in supply and access to fish at affordable prices for poor consumers in developing countries.

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