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Novembro 2018
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Copyright (c) 2018 Carolina Carreño Campo

The dynamics of urbanization and growth of the Latin American city is due to different geographical, economic, and social factors. One of these elements, which has expanded the availability of resources for the urban expansion process is the growth of international trade, whereas it facilitates the import and availability of goods from anywhere in the world and consolidates cities as large markets, making them more attractive each time, which falls again in the process of growth. Based on the approach to urban sustainability and from the literature review and consultation of international organizations, this article presents some relationships between the growth in international trade and its impact on the increase in the consumption of goods and urban expansion process. In the discussion of results, it is stated that the greater availability of goods and services (flows of matter and energy) accelerate the process of metabolism of cities and adversely affect environmental quality by emissions and waste.

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Carreño Campo, Carolina
Consejo Noruego para Refugiados (NRC)

Alfonso P, William H.
Universidad del Rosario

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